Why Cover Crops?

  1. Protect the soil surface from erosion & improve water infiltration
  2. Elevate water holding capacity of the soil
  3. ​Mineralize, reposition, and scavenge nutrients in the soil and utilize them for the next crop
  4. Suppress weeds
  5. Guard the soil surface from extreme temperatures, rain, and wind
  6. Improve soil structure & reduce compaction
  7. Increase yield potential
  8. Raise soil organic matter levels and improve soil physical properties
  9. Enhance soil biological activity and health
  10. Produce forage, reducing feed costs
  11. Potentially reduce nutrient costs

We have a large selection of cover crops available, along with pre-made mixes to fit your farm’s needs! We also have custom seed blending capabilities. Contact us for pricing, availability, and more details.

We also have N-Dure inoculants available for alfalfa, clover, dry beans, peas, and soybeans. With N-Dure, your crops will obtain effective nitrogen fixation through a high rhizobia count to ensure successful nodulation — and it works with any type of planting equipment!